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Alien means an extraterrestrial being from another world but it also means someone who is from a foreign country. The green alien in ALIENated represents an immigrant living in a new country. They try to adapt to the new culture and face discrimination. 7 out of 10 (69%) adults experienced discrimination. 61% experience day-to-day discrimination.

Source: American Psychological Association

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This summer the four of us met during Girls Who Code. For our final projects we wanted to focus on discrimination because recently on the news and on social media, cases of police brutality were against people of color. Marielle and Lyca worked on the game using Unity. Marielle likes digital art and reading. Lyca likes to browse and learn interesting things on the net, and play online games. Yessenia drew the characters for our game. She likes DIY projects and says Kermit the Frog is her spirit animal. Tina designed the layout for the website. She enjoys writing and likes interior designing.

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